How work order scanning works

You can now send work order PDF documents through to the Inbox. ServiceM8 scans and reads the information, then when you convert the job it automatically populates the fields on your job card.

Here how it works:

Ensure the Email Inbox add-on is enabled

Use the ServiceM8 Email Inbox's email address to send or forward emails

To view the emails, open your Inbox from the Dashboard

Here you can select the customer's email with PDF attachment that you would like to convert it to a job

You can preview the PDF document prior to converting to job by clicking on it.

1. Select an email with a PDF document attached

2. Click Convert to Job

That's it! Your job card is now populated with the details from work order PDF document.

At this stage the work order scanning only works with popular real estate management software (e.g. Maintenance Manager and REST).

Additional PDF formats will be automatically supported as the system learns how to interpret more work order formats

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