How to add Staff leave

In this lesson will show you how to activate the Staff leave Add-on and apply leave to the staff member.

Go Settings and click ServiceM8 Add-ons

Now go to Staff Members tab, select a staff member and click Edit

Click Leave tab

Click Add Leave

Add leave date and description, then click Save.

Note: When specifying a date range, the "End Date" is the final day of leave (not the first day back at work). So if you specify leave dates of 2017-09-20 to 2017-9-21, then the staff member's first day back at work is 2017-09-22.

Click Save Changes once you're done adding leave

In this window, you can edit, remove or add more leave for the staff member.

If you go back to Dispatch board, staff leave will now show in Staff Schedules and Calendar.

Staff leave will also taken into account in suggested booking times when using the new Booking Suggestions feature.

Note: If your account is integrated with Deputy, the employee leave will also be synced from Deputy and it synced every 20 minutes.

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