How to get started with the Learning Roadmap

The Learning Roadmap is a structured series of short help videos and articles, starting with all the basics of how a job moves through ServiceM8, then moving on to features which help you and the business get the most out of ServiceM8. 

The Learning Roadmap is a great resource, whether you're at Step 1 of getting started with ServiceM8, or you're up-and-running and looking for ways to improve how you use ServiceM8.

There is relevant learning material for team members with various roles in the business, including the business owner/s, office staff, and field staff. The Learning Roadmap can be used as a quick-start resource for team members to learn all the ServiceM8 basics. Note that this resource is only accessible to staff with the Default Staff Role or higher.

The Learning Roadmap is accessed via the Online Dashboard — find it under the Help icon:

Watch or read a lesson, then apply the tips as a team. At the end of each level, action the goals to level up and progress.

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