ServiceM8 add-ons - overview

ServiceM8 is designed to start you off with the basic functionality needed to manage a trade. As your business needs and comfort levels grow, you may want to enhance your workflow by enabling certain ServiceM8 add-ons, which provide additional functionality within ServiceM8. From job management to marketing, if you have a business need, an add-on is likely the solution.

There are at least 50 ServiceM8 add-ons currently available. Some were developed by 3rd parties for ServiceM8, and some were developed internally based on customer feedback. Add-ons may be free or subscription-based, depending on the functionality provided.

For a directory of all available add-ons, go to

To activate add-ons in ServiceM8:

  1. From the Online Dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Click ServiceM8 Add-ons.
settings > ServiceM8 add-ons
blank line
  1. Search or browse the directory to find the add-on, then click it. The example below is the Services add-on.
example of an add-on
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  1. Click OFF to toggle it ON. Your add-on will activate.
toggle switch from off to on
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  1. Depending on the add-on, a Settings button may appear. The add-on will also now display as an icon in Settings and can be configured at any time.
settings button upon activating add-on
add-on now in settings
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