ServiceM8 Messenger - Overview

At ServiceM8, we know that good communication is essential to great customer service. Communications with your business should be seamless and easy for your clients. That is why we offer ServiceM8 Messenger, a powerful messaging app, at no charge to your clients.

How ServiceM8 Messenger works

When your clients use the two-way SMS service within ServiceM8, they will receive an offer to upgrade to ServiceM8 Messenger with a link to the App Store or Google Play.

You don’t need to do anything at all. Whether a client chooses to install ServiceM8 Messenger or not, it will not impact your operations. You simply text clients through ServiceM8 as you normally would.

  • If your client has ServiceM8 Messenger and is logged in, your messages will appear in the app.
  • If your client does not have ServiceM8 Messenger, or if they have deleted the app or logged out, your messages will automatically switch back to standard text messages.

Benefits of ServiceM8 Messenger

Some of the many benefits to using ServiceM8 Messenger include:

  • Speed. It’s faster than a web browser when sending and receiving images and messages. Clients can instantly see your messages and reply directly within the app.
  • Convenience. Each job will have its own separate message thread. Your clients can see all job-related photos, messages, automated booking confirmations, reminders, and on-the-way texts in one handy spot.
  • Ease of use. It’s a clean, familiar instant-messaging experience for your clients.
  • History. Clients can go back and look at past jobs, which keeps you top of mind for the next one!
  • No SMS charges or hidden costs. Your clients can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play, and all messages are sent through the app.
Sample texts in ServiceM8 Messenger
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