How to set staff On Call after hours with ServiceM8 Phone

If you offer an after hours service, you can automatically divert business calls with ServiceM8 Phone to a staff member 'On Call'. 

The automatic routing of incoming calls after hours is set online in Settings > ServiceM8 Phone > After Hours Calls. There are two options:

  • Send calls to voicemail; or
  • Send calls to the staff member set On Call.

Incoming calls outside of your Operating Hours (as set in Settings > Preferences > Company Information > Operating Hours) will divert accordingly. 

It's possible to set a specific staff member on call in both the ServiceM8 app & Online Dashboard. Only one staff member can be On Call at any one time. 

Setting a Staff Member On Call — App

A staff member can be set On Call in the ServiceM8 app (not the ServiceM8 Phone app). Ensure all staff have upgraded to the latest ServiceM8 app, and have installed the ServiceM8 Phone app. 

To set a team member On Call, in the ServiceM8 app, go to More > Staff, and tap their name, then Set on call. 

Setting a Staff Member On Call — Online

To set a team member On Call via the Online Dashboard, in the Dispatch Board tab, click the drop-down arrow next to their staff icon, or in the Staff Schedules view, right-click their icon in the schedule.

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