How to let customers view Forms before signing

You can have your customers review a completed form before capturing their signature.

To do this, you will need to set up your form templates to have the Customer Signature field instead of using a "Signature" type form question. Review the How to set up Quote & Form templates for remote signature article for more information.

Once you have your Form template setup with the require mergefields, complete the form on the mobile app. 

After answering all the questions on the form, ServiceM8 produces the form PDF using your template.

The customer can now read over the completed form. Once they have read the document, tap "Sign document" to open the Signature prompt and capture the customer's signature.

NOTE: This feature only works when completing forms on the ServiceM8 mobile app.


Once they have added their signature, tap Save.

The customer's signature will be added to the Form PDF document.

The signed PDF will be available on the Job diary to send to the customer or keep on the job for internal use.

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