How to send Live Invoice Statements to clients


Automatically send a live statement to your customers every week, two weeks, or at the start of the month using the Live Statements automation.

First, turn on the Live Statements automation

Ensure you've activated the Automations Add-on in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons. Then go to Settings > Automation, and enable Live Statements. 

Set the frequency at which you would like statements to be sent


Configure your email template


Once the Live Statements automation is enabled, statements will be sent to the customers for which you enable the "Send Live Statements" option. 

To activate Live Statements for a client, open their Client card. In the Billing Details tab, tick "Send Live Statements"


You can also activate Live Statements for several clients simultaneously, in Clients

Individually or bulk select clients using the check boxes, then click Actions > Apply Live Statements.


On each Monday, second Monday or on the 1st of each month (depending on the frequency you set), a Live Statement link will be sent out to clients with the "Send Live Statements" option, who have outstanding invoices.

For invoices to appear on the Live Statement:

  • the job status must be Complete; 
  • the invoice must be outstanding i.e. unpaid; and
  • the invoice must have been sent to the client via email, including the {document} merge field which converts to an online invoice link OR the invoice has been Approved. See here for more info.

Once paid, invoices will continue displaying as 'Paid' on the statement for 14 days, before automatically being removed.

How to see processed & scheduled Live Statement automations

To see which clients have recently been sent their Live Statement, as well as scheduled sends, go to Settings > Automation, and click the linked values in the Scheduled & Processed columns.



While Live Statements send automatically to enabled clients, you can also link to their URL Live Statement in manual follow up communication with your clients using the {statement} merge field in your email & SMS templates — see here for more info.

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