How does toggling “Amounts are” setting between Tax exclusive or inclusive affect the Total Invoice amount?

Changing between inclusive tax and exclusive tax pricing can result in the job total changing, if the line item’s inclusive tax price can't be achieved by applying tax to the exclusive tax price.

For example:

  • Job is set to inc-tax pricing
  • Line item has a unit price of $1.15 inc tax. The tax rate is 10%.
  • User changes to ex-tax pricing
  • ServiceM8 will attempt to calculate the ex-tax price which results in the same total price
  • Ex-tax price = $1.15 / (1 + 10/100) = $1.045454545
  • Now we need to round this to 2 decimal places
  • Ex-tax price = $1.05. Now we apply the 10% tax
  • Total price = $1.05 * (1 + 10/100) = $1.05 + $0.105 = $1.155
  • Now we need to round that total price to 2 decimal places
  • The new total price is $1.16 which is different to the original total price of $1.15


Click the Show Tax to toggle between tax options


Select Tax Exclusive or Tax Inclusive from the drop-down list


Total invoice amount with Tax Inclusive


Total invoice amount with Tax Exclusive


This setting doesn't just switch between showing the prices with/without tax, it does actually re-calculate the prices to maintain the total invoice amount. However due to rounding, the exact total price cannot always be maintained and depending on the exact amounts, sometimes it will differ.

The solution is: DO NOT TOGGLE between tax inclusive and tax exclusive pricing. Select the method that matches how you price your jobs, and don't change it.

Note: Toggling won't affect or change billing on existing jobs, however it will change the default inclusive/exclusive tax setting for new jobs.

“Amounts are” setting is a single setting shared by all staff in the account, and changing the setting will affect other staff logins.

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