How to order Asset Management QR Code labels

In order to use ServiceM8’s Asset Management Addon, you will need to order some Asset Labels. These are applied to each physical Asset that you want to track.

ServiceM8 Asset labels consist of a globally unique QR code printed with UV resistant ink on a durable PVC backing, with a strong adhesive to ensure they do not detach even in harsh conditions. Customers can scan the label in order to view service history on their Asset, and report issues directly to the business.

Try it out! Open your iPhone or iPad camera to scan the below QR Code, and see what the customer portal looks like (or click here). 

This feature helps you to get repeat work for Asset maintenance, rather than having that work go to competitors because they happened to be the first result on Google when the customer found the issue.


To order Asset labels, go to Settings > Assets and click the “Order Labels” button at the top right.

This will display a form where you can select the quantity of labels to order, and provide your shipping address. The cost to purchase Asset labels varies by country, but is generally less than 15 cents per label. The most up-to-date pricing for your country is shown during the ordering process.

Click the Next button to display a payment confirmation page. Once your order is paid, your labels will be dispatched as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 2 business days.

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