How to add images to your Online Booking Pages

If you use the Services add-on to host online booking pages for your customers to book quotes or services, and ask your customers Numeric or Multiple Choice questions as part of the process (e.g. What type of carpet do you have?" or "How many bedrooms do you need cleaned?"), you can add images to these Multiple Choice and Numeric questions to make them clearer, and add a professional touch.

Adding Images

Only Services which use the 'Variable' Pricing Method can have images added. Images can be added to:

  • Each individual option of Multiple Choice questions (single or multiple answers); and
  • Each individual option of Numeric questions.

To add an image to available options of a Multiple Choice or Numeric question, open the relevant Service in the Services Manager, and in the 'Service Pricing' view, double-click the relevant question.

Click on an Option, and check the box next to 'Image' under Option Details to review the ability to choose and upload an image against each option:

NOTE: images must be less than 1MB in size.

Attach images to each option, Save, then click Preview to see how your images will look for your customers:

Once done, click Publish and run through the Publishing wizard to create or update your online page for your customers.

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