Creating ServiceM8 accounts for clients through QuickBooks Online Accountant


If you're an accountant or bookkeeper with a QuickBooks Online Accountant login, you're able to create and manage ServiceM8 accounts for your clients directly through QuickBooks Online Accountant. Read on to learn how.

NOTE: if you're simply looking for how to integrate your normal ServiceM8 and QuickBooks Online accounts, this article is not what you're after — click here for how to connect ServiceM8 & QuickBooks Online.

Purchasing through QuickBooks Online Accountant

See QuickBooks Help for guidance on how to purchase apps for clients through QuickBooks Online Accountant:


Activation & account creation

Once the purchase & checkout process is complete, in your 'Client Apps', choose the relevant client from the drop-down menu, then click 'Activate':

Follow the connection wizard:

Note that as part of the process of creating the ServiceM8 account for your client through QuickBooks Online Accountant, their new ServiceM8 account will be connected to their existing QuickBooks Online account. For more info on how the ServiceM8 & QuickBooks Online integration works and what data is synced, click here.

Setting up client access

You will be dropped into the new ServiceM8 account, which is almost ready to go.

Go to Settings > Staff, and create a new staff member login for your client to access the account. It's recommended that you set their Security Role to 'Business Owner':

Note that if you use the 'Invite Staff' method, whereby the ServiceM8 login credentials will be sent directly to your client, you will need to review the client's Security Role in Settings > Staff > Edit *Name* > Access Rights.

For more info on how to add a login to the ServiceM8 account, click here.

ServiceM8 setup & training

Depending on how involved you want to be in the setup process with your client, you can:

Ongoing access

Should you need to access your client's ServiceM8 account in future, you can do so through QuickBooks Online Accountant. See QuickBooks Help for more info.

Note that this is the only means of logging into the client's ServiceM8 account — your QuickBooks Online Accountant login credentials will not work through ServiceM8's normal login portals.

Billing and cancelling

If you want to learn more about Quickbooks Apps billing or cancelling the app program, see the links below:

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