How do I get billed for ServiceM8?


You can choose two ways to be billed - Monthly Invoice or Pre-purchased credits. Additionally, the first 20 jobs each month are free.

Monthly Invoice

At the start of each month, ServiceM8 will generate an invoice for your usage of the services for the previous calendar month (1st - 31st). Your usage of job credits, SMS credits, and any charges for add-ons or other services will be itemised on the invoice.

The invoice will be e-mailed to your company e-mail address configured in Settings > Preferences. You can also view all previous invoices in your account online by going to Settings > ServiceM8 Account > Past Invoices.

To pay your invoice, you must enter your credit card details in Settings > ServiceM8 Account > How you pay. Your credit card will be automatically charged for your outstanding balance each month.

Pre-purchased credits

You can also elect to pre-purchase job credits and SMS credits. To purchase credit packs, log in online and go to Settings > ServiceM8 Account > Buy credits. You can pay for credit packs by credit card or PayPal. If your account runs out of job credits or SMS credits, further usage of ServiceM8 will result in an invoice being issued to you according to the "Monthly Invoice" process.

Is there a free trial period?

ServiceM8's free trial is not based on a time limit. Instead, we give you the first 20 jobs every month for free -- as long as you use less than 20 jobs each month, you can continue to use ServiceM8 for free. Jobs in excess of the 20 free jobs per month are billed according to the rates here: ServiceM8 Pricing.

Please note that your account does not receive free SMS credits each month; sending SMSs from within ServiceM8 will incur charges according to the pricing page linked above.

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