Recurring Jobs + Reminders - overview

Recurring jobs & Reminders manages two different kinds of recurring work. Recurring Jobs manages regular work where the booking time and staff member is known, generally for daily or weekly schedules.

Reminders manages longer term recurring work where a specific time and staff member needs to be confirmed closer to the date, generally for monthly or yearly schedules.

Once you have activated the Recurring Job add-on from the ServiceM8 add-ons page, it will now appear in the Action toolbar from the Dispatch Board.

Simple Recurring Job window

1. Recurring Jobs includes a view pane of future booking dates and times for the recurring job, according to the set parameters.

2. The Simple recurrence options lets you set a recurrence pattern with only two fields ( Start Date and Frequency).

3. Click the Advanced button to show you more recurrence pattern parameters.


Advanced Recurring Job window

1. Use a Job Template to easily manage what information is set in jobs across a job schedule, or even a group of clients.

Note: If you have activated the Services Add-on, then 'Job Template' will be replaced with the 'Select Service' option. To learn more, click here.

2. The Advanced recurrence pattern allows you more options for scheduling recurring jobs.

Booking review pane

In the right-hand booking review pane, you can:

  • View current bookings
  • View when future bookings will be created, based on your current settings
  • View previous bookings of the recurring job
  • Open current jobs e.g. to add a note (right-click on the job)
  • Edit booking times for current jobs (right-click on the job)
  • Activate future bookings (right-click on the job)
  • Cancel bookings (right-click on the job)

Confirmed Recurring Jobs

For work where the date, time and staff member are fixed, use one of the two above options. This will automatically create and schedule or allocate jobs according to your recurrence pattern.

Reminders for likely/possible Recurring Jobs

For longer term recurring work where a specific time and staff member needs to be confirmed closer to the date, select the above option. One week prior to the the booking's occurrence you will receive a notification in your ServiceM8 Inbox about the work. You can then contact the client to organise a time and convert it to a job. If the client doesn't want to go ahead you can delete or snooze the job.


Recurrence Pattern

Recurrence patterns can now be set in one of two modes, being ‘Simple’ or ‘Advanced’.

You will have control over daily, weekly, monthly or yearly for your recurring jobs schedule.

Range of Recurrence

Range of Recurrence

You can set the duration or start/end date for your scheduled recurring jobs.

Edit and manage recurring jobs

Manage recurring jobs

In the Recurring Jobs panel under the Dispatch Board, this is where you can view, modify or cancel all scheduled recurring jobs.

Note: Recurring jobs can only be managed in your Online Dashboard.

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