How to complete a job and receive payment on the app

When you are checked into a job and you complete a work order, the ServiceM8 App makes it easy to accept a client payment while on site.

This article describes how to use the checkout wizard to mark the job status as completed, accept and record the receipt of payment on the spot, then issue a paid invoice to your client.

To follow this quick checkout process:

a) you must be checked into a job, and

b) the job status must be Work Order.

(For jobs with the status set as Quote or Completed, you can use job and billing actions to produce and issue invoices and receive payment on site.)

To complete the job:

  1. Tap Check Out.
checking out of job
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  1. Tap Job Complete.
marking job complete
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  1. If you would like to add any notes to the Job Diary, do so in the provided field. Tap Share in Activity Feed if desired. If notes aren't needed, leave it blank.
  2. Tap Next.
adding job notes
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You have now checked out of the job and the Billing screen will appear. Instead of tapping Finish, you will now collect payment from the client.

To accept payment from a client:

  1. Enter a brief description of the work completed.
  1. Check that the amounts billed are accurate.
    • Add any other items or services that are not captured, but that should be billed to the client.
  1. Check that Produce Invoice/Receipt is toggled on.
    • If you are authorized to do so, tap Approve Invoice to Xero to toggle on.
  1. Tell the client the balance due, then tap Add Payment.
checking the billing details
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  1. Ask the client how they would like to pay.
    • If the client chooses to pay by credit card or by mobile device, tap Card.
      • If the client wants to give you their credit card details, tap Enter Card. See this article to learn more about accepting card payments with the app.
      • If the client chooses to pay with their mobile device (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, or their credit card), tap Scan & Pay. See this article to learn more about Scan & Pay.
      • If you are using a mobile payment system outside of ServiceM8 (such as an external EFTPOS machine), tap Record Payment.
    • If the client chooses to pay via cash, cheque, or EFT, tap the appropriate method and receive payment.
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  1. Once you have received payment, the Billing screen will reappear. Note that the Amount Paid and Balance Due amounts have updated to reflect the payment received.
  1. Tap Finish.
payment confirmation
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The paid invoice will generate automatically. You can now send it to your client.

To send a paid invoice to a client:

  1. Tap the Forward button on the action bar.
    • To send the invoice via SMS, tap SMS Invoice.
    • To send the invoice via email, tap Email Invoice.
forwarding an invoice
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  1. The invoice will attach automatically as a PDF. Make any changes required to the SMS or email template, then tap Send.
sending invoice
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You have now marked the job status as completed, accepted and recorded the receipt of payment, and produced and sent a paid invoice to your client - all before you even leave the site!

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