Troubleshooting MYOB V19 Connector Guide

Use this guide to solve issues with your connection to MYOB Version 19. If the solutions in this guide do not solve your issue please contact support.


MYOB Connector isn't connecting to MYOB

  • Ensure the MYOB file isn't in a user restricted area eg. User/Documents etc.
  • Go to Start -> All Programs > Myob -> Other Tools > ODBC Install > Choose the repair option
  • Ensure only one version of OBDC is installed (V10 is for AU, V9 for NZ)
  • Eliminate spaces from company file path.
  • Check that you have the right ServiceM8 Connector installed.


Work completed information is not transfering to MYOB

  • Make sure there is a 'comment' item in your MYOB inventory. The item needs to have the Item Number as - '\c' and the Name - 'comment' for it to work.


The invoice wont send through to MYOB

  • Make sure the MYOB connector is on.
  • Restart the MYOB connector.
  • Re-approve the pending invoices.
  • Restart the computer with the MYOB connector on it.
  • How many MYOB user licences do you have? if you only have one, you will need to make sure you open the connector before openning MYOB.
  • Do you have another program connecting to the file (eg. RetailManager), if so ServiceM8 has to wait for its turn.
  • Make sure the MYOB username used in the connector has full administrator rights in MYOB.


Getting double up's of invoices in MYOB

  • Is the MYOB connector running on more than one computer? The MYOB connector should only ever be installed on one computer.


Customers / Items / Invoices are not updating in MYOB
  • Make sure the MYOB connector is on.
  • Restart the MYOB connector.
  • Make sure the MYOB username used in the Connector has full administrator rights in MYOB

ServiceM8 says the invoice has been sent successfully but its not appearing in MYOB:

Try the following fixes in order, if the first doesn't work move down the list.

  1. Refresh the sales register by closing it down and reopening it. (note: if more than one computer is connected you will need to close it down on them as well.)
  2. Make sure the sales register period is correct for the completion date of the job/invoice you're looking for - The invoice won't appear if the sales period date range doesn't match the job completion date
  3. Restart MYOB. 
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Make sure the MYOB file specified in your ServiceM8 connector is the same file that you are opening in MYOB (this generally occurs in the new financial year, when a new MYOB file is created - but updating the connector is forgotten)
  6. Issues can be caused when your company file name contains anything other than letters and numbers, having symbols like " / \ ( ) & - : ' " in your file may cause the connector not to find it. Simple naming like "Yourcompanyname2013.myo" works best



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