Setting Up Your Doxie ServiceM8 Scanner


Your Doxie scanner is an amazing combination of hardware from Doxie, and custom scanning software designed specifically for Scanning documents directly into your ServiceM8 Jobs.


Setting up your Doxie scanner to work with ServiceM8 is a simple process, simply follow the following steps:

1. Install the Doxie Scanner Software

Click here to install the Doxie scanner software.

2. Connect your scanner

When you initially connect your Doxie scanner, it will require calibration. This is done through the Doxie scanner software itself. Launch the Doxie Scanner Software using the icon on your desktop.

3. Install the ServiceM8 Scanner Software

To install the ServiceM8 Scanner software, click here


Once you have completed installation, you will only need to use the ServiceM8 Scanner software, which is now installed into your start menu. We recommend copying the icon from the ServiceM8 folder into your Start Menu's Startup Items - so that your scanner will automatically work each time you start your PC without you having to run the Servicem8 software manually.


Troubleshooting Scanner software not working on Windows XP

If you have completed the above, and the scanner software reports that it's unable to connect to your scanner. Then install the following additional software, and then restart your computer.  If you continue to have any issues please get in touch with the support team.

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