VIDEO: How to Create a Job Using the Dispatch Board



Dispatch Board -  Map, Tasks and Scheduling

1.    Log in, and go to the Job Dispatch

2.    Create a new job, click on the new job button and complete your client’s information and the details of the job in the fields.

  1. Remember when entering your job  address, that accuracy will help the dispatch map take you to the correct location. Try to include the unit number, street number, state and zip/postcode. This will ensure your staff don’t waste time searching in the wrong suburb.
  2. Select the Status of the job – is it a quote or a work order?
  3. Select a category – if you have chosen to break down your business into modules.
  4. Set the allocated time the job requires – this will be used to block out the time allowed when dropping the job on the schedule.
  5. Save your job – it will now appear in the unscheduled  work tab on the right of the map.
  6. Your job will now have an allocated job number and when you re-open the job you will have the additional options of the Diary - for adding notes, building quotes, uploading files, and sending sms messages.
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