Checklist - Are you ready to go live?

If you can complete this checklist you're ready to go live with ServiceM8.

1. Is your account set up correctly?

  • Have you set up each staff member with a login and password?
  • Have you uploaded your logo and reviewed your Company Details (Settings > Preferences).
  • Have you selected a template for Quotes and Invoices?
  • Does your Invoice template have the correct banking details?
  • Have you reviewed your email and SMS templates?
  • Have you set Security Roles for staff members which is consistent with how your business and staff structure works?
    • Do you want staff to be able see pricing?
    • Do you want staff to be able to see all jobs?
    • Do you want staff to be able to create jobs?
    • Do you want staff to be able to delete clients?

2. Have you worked through Levels 1 & 2 of the Learning Roadmap to learn the ServiceM8 basics?

3. Do you understand how Job Statuses progress?

4. Do you know how to create jobs through both the Online Dashboard & App?

5. Do you know how to schedule jobs through both the Online Dashboard & App?

6. Do you know how to allocate jobs to staff without a specific booking date/time, if this is part of how you schedule work (this requires activation of the Job Allocations Add-on).

7. Do you know how to create & schedule Recurring Jobs for repeat work, if this is a requirement of your business (this requires activation of the Simple Recurring Jobs Add-on, or Recurring Jobs & Reminders Add-on). 

8. Do you understand Job Filters and how the Unscheduled Jobs list helps you stay in control?

9. Do you understand the workflow of starting, documenting & completing jobs in the ServiceM8 app?

10. Do you know how to add billable items to a job and generate a quote or invoice?

11. Do you understand how to use ServiceM8 to record and track payment of invoices?

12. Do you know how to send invoices by email and SMS?

13. Do you understand how the Invoicing page of the Online Dashboard & App works?

14. Have you connected your account to your MYOBXERO, or QuickBooks Online account? (if applicable), and understand how invoices are transferred to your accounting package?

15. Do you understand how to manage jobs on hold using the Queues feature?

16. Do you know how to instant message & tag staff through ServiceM8?

17. Does each field staff member have an iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini?

18. Have all staff members installed the ServiceM8 app on their iOS device? Can all staff members log in?

19. Do all staff members know how to use ServiceM8? Use the Learning Roadmap for all staff in the business to learn the basics. Do staff members know:

  • How Job Statuses work?
  • How to view all jobs assigned to them?
  • How job filters work?
  • How to create a job?
  • How to schedule a job, including urgent jobs & rescheduling of jobs?
  • How to Start a job & Navigate to it?
  • How to Check In and Check Out of jobs?
  • How to take & save photos to a job?
  • How to add labour & materials to a job?
  • How Smart Labour works?
  • How to use the Diary to see a job's history?
  • How to complete a job, record payment, and issue an invoice?
  • How to Clock On/Off, and Start/End Breaks through the app (if applicable to your business)?
  • How to communicate with other staff through ServiceM8?
  • How to manage Quotes & Work Orders on hold, with Queues?
  • How to create a Checklist of work requirements in a Job Description?

20. Have you chosen a start date for your business to go live with ServiceM8?

Once you feel you understand each item on the checklist, pick a start date (a Monday is always good) and use ServiceM8 for all jobs from that date onward.

Use your existing system to deal with jobs before your start date. Only enter old jobs into ServiceM8 if there is a real need.

21. Have you cleared "dummy data" from your account?

If you have entered dummy data and would like to clear it before you go live, you can use the Account Cleanup Wizard: (you must be the Account Owner to use this tool). The Account Cleanup Wizard is designed to make the switch from trialling ServiceM8 to using it in your business as easy as possible, and will assist you to:

• Remove all jobs

• Remove all customers

• Remove all materials

• Reset your next job number

You will have the choice to select which elements of your account are reset.

From this point, still keep in mind that ServiceM8 is very forgiving — changes made to job information, job status, scheduling and so on can be reversed or updated, so dive in and start using ServiceM8, and you'll get more out of it as you learn. 

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