What's New in ServiceM8 2.0 App?

  • Two Way Messaging between iPhone, iPad and Dispatch Boards
  • Automatic offline mode, changes will sync when you come back into range
  • Clock on & off at start and end of day
  • Checkout reminder if you leave the job site
  • 'At lunch' mode lets office know your taking a break, and will remind you when your break is over
  • Real-time Staff Locations
  • Access to Job Queues
  • Access to Customers, Customer Contacts, Customer Job History & Customer Diary
  • Improved Job Diary, with built-in document viewer / printer / emailer
  • Unlimited Company and Job Contacts
  • Audio Notifications of Schedule Updates and Job Allocations
  • Optional automatic check-in on navigate to job
  • Support for Job & Client Custom fields
  • Improved tax support for all regions
  • Job Diaries, Clients, Materials, etc Changes are now updated in minutes instead of every 24 hours
  • Staff Characters / Avatars - So you can identify staff on maps easier
  • Email & SMS templates


  • Tag Clients and Jobs with 'Badges' to save time writing the same notes on multiple jobs
  • Badges appear in Job on app to job tech's memory without them having to hunt for the info
  • Eg. Tag a customer as VIP, or that they receive 10% off pricing. Customers bages are added automatically to all future jobs for that client.
  • Tag jobs with a badge for that specific job, Eg. Take EFTPOS, or Call-before-arrival
  • Badges can be re-named to create your own meaning within your business

Job Checklists

  • Job checklists ensure that all required job tasks are completed by tech's with minimal communication / typing
  • To create a job list, simply make a list of tasks in your job description by starting each line with a dash
  • Job Checklists will appear in the job on the app for tasks to tick as completed, and will appear in diary once completed


  • Amazing battery life compared with current app
  • GPS is powered down if your phone battery has less than 20% remaining
  • GPS powers down when inside buildings
  • GPS powers down during lunch-break and when staff are clocked off (for after hours privacy & additional battery life)

Job Reminders

  • Can be enabled / disabled via iPhone settings app
  • User can choose between 5 minutes and 1 hour notice
  • Audio notifications save having to take phone from pocket

To-Do Page (Task Management)

  • Central location for outstanding tasks
  • Any jobs which are not completed/checked out of completely will appear here until actioned

Improved Items/Materials system

  • Item code support
  • Items can be added at any time
  • InstantLabour will turn your checked in time into a labour charge
  • SmartList will learn your top 10 used materials for each type of job
  • QuickPicks allow you to create shortcut searches to common materials
  • Support for up to 50,000k inventory items

App Enhancements

  • SSL & Hardware encryption of database and diary attachments
  • App Syncs in background, so your information is on hand as soon as possible when you need the app
  • iPad support, including iPad 3 Retina Display
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