How can I get my clients to appear in my iPhone contacts automatically?


The technology that makes this possible is called CardDAV.

CardDAV is brand new - so new in fact that to our knowledge ServiceM8 is the ONLY iPhone app so far to support it.

Thats Great. But what does it mean to me?

Well, CardDAV is a way of sharing contacts between devices, such as your iPhone with other systems, such as ServiceM8.

With just a few settings tapped into your iPhone you get:

  • All of your ServiceM8 client contact details automatically added to your iPhone address book
  • When a client calls your phone, their name, company and job # appear on your phone as you answer the call
  • You can choose either to have all of your clients on your phone, or just the clients you have active jobs with  as each job is completed, the client will disappear automatically from your phone. This is great if you have a lot of clients.
  • It works if you have a single iPhone, but its even better when all of your staff have iPhones, as soon as a client job is created in ServiceM8, everyone has the contacts details in their phones in a matter of minutes.

Sounds good How do i set it up on my iPhone?

Setting up CardDAV is easy:

Go to Settings from your iPhone

Go to Settings from your iPhone

Settings > Accounts & Passwords

Tap Contacts under settings

Tap Add Accounts

Tap Accounts

Tap Other

Tap Add Account

Under Contacts, tap Add CardDAV Account

Then tap Other

Enter your account details

Enter your account

Fill in the details as shown here and then tap the Next button.

Note: Your username is the email address you sign in to ServiceM8 with, and you password is the same as well.

Tap Save

Tap Save

Once verified and no error found it should look like this

Verified info

Now, open Contacts app, tap Groups and select your CardDav account


You’re done. If you go to your phones contacts you will now have all of your clients with active jobs listed in a few moments.

The iPhone keeps your ServiceM8 contacts seperate from your other contacts, so you can view them separately or view all your contacts in a single list.

See how easy that was? That’s ServiceM8.

Some Final Notes on CardDav

  • You cannot add or update your ServiceM8 contacts from your phone, it's read-only information at this stage
  • In the contacts app, in the contacts tab, tap the groups button at the top left to change between viewing your phone contacts, your ServiceM8 contact, or all contacts
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