When will ServiceM8 support Android-based devices?

We have no plans to develop a ServiceM8 app for Android. 

The ServiceM8 app is only available on Apple devices for one reason only — it’s a better solution for your business.

This decision has nothing to do with development costs, Apple vs. Android market share, or anything else. It’s about making the best solution for our customers. 

We believe in this so much, we'll even help you invest in Apple technology and Upgrade to iPhone.

Check out this video to learn why Apple is the best for running a business, and why ServiceM8 is better because we focus on Apple:


For a job, staff & client management app like ServiceM8, there are huge compromises to support both Apple and Android. Compromises that would mean you get less. Less speed, less power, less innovation — less everything.

We're different, because we prioritise making the best solution we can for our customers. 

We choose customer success over compromise. We don’t compromise the app’s design, speed, or capability to support both platforms. Instead we specialise, optimise, and get everything out of iOS.

We believe that for trade contractors & service businesses, where you're constantly on the move and working apart, mobile technology is crucial for your business to succeed. Therefore, we think investing in quality mobile technology for your business makes complete sense. 

So, are you looking for just another "app", or the best solution to help your business succeed?

Note that ServiceM8’s online dashboard (i.e. the desktop interface, accessed via web browser) is accessible on any kind of PC, Mac, computer or laptop. This interface is designed for admin & management staff, for use on a desktop computer. Please do not try to use the online (web) dashboard on an Android phone or tablet — the online dashboard is not designed for tablet devices, and is not a workable substitute for the ServiceM8 iOS app in the field.

There is no alternative to field staff using the ServiceM8 app on an iPhone or cellular iPad. Please do not download anything claiming to be an “Android app for ServiceM8” — there is no official or endorsed ServiceM8 app for Android, so anything claiming to be “ServiceM8 for Android” will at best be a fake, and at worst be malware that could severely harm your business.

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