Can I have custom fields added to my account?


Yes, although we actually try to discourage use of custom fields with ServiceM8. We encourage customers to track the information you need to complete jobs as part of the job description, work completed and job diary. E.g. instead of writing down the model/serial number details, snap a photo instead. Or instead of writing down a car's registration in a specific field, add a note to the job with the info. You'll find this is much quicker (especially on the go) than organising the information into set fields which might not be required for every job.

We also recommend to try using Services instead as they are better in almost every case than custom fields. To learn more about this add-on, click here.

But we do know that each business is different, and custom fields might be the best solution for your business - so we can add custom fields to customer's accounts. These fields will appear on a tab inside the job/client card on the dispatch board & on the app. This is done through our helpdesk on request and has setup fee, and a change fee if you would like to make alterations to the fields in the future - so it's worth thinking about the exact fields you need before going down this path. For current helpdesk rates, please e-mail

Once custom fields have been setup, custom fields can be used in templates (quotes, work orders, invoices, etc) - helpdesk will confirm the template field names if required.

Job card custom fields are placed on a third tab next to Quotes & Invoicing

A maximum of 10 custom fields can be added in total.

The available custom fields types are:

  • Text (single line)
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Currency
  • Numeric
  • Drop Down List

Custom fields may be added to either the Job Card, the Client Card, or both.

For custom fields added to both the Job Card and Client Card, values entered into a custom field on the Client Card will be added to new jobs that you create for that client on the Dispatch Board (this feature is not supported on the mobile app). Updating the value of the custom field on a Client Card will not update existing jobs, and updating the value on a Job Card will not update the Client Card.

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