How can I quickly add new jobs for clients I deal with multiple times?


To quickly create a new job for an existing client:

  1. Click the New Job button on the Job Dispatch Board
  2. Click the Client Details tab, click in the company field and type the clients name.
  3. You're done, ServiceM8 will bring up clients matching your search in a list, and once you select the correct client the details will be automatically populated into your job.

Help! I can't remember the companies name, but i remember the contact was John Smith.

Not a problem, type John Smith into the company search and bring up all companies who have a John Smith contact.

That's great. But now i've got a missed call from a client - all i have is their phone number!

Still not a problem, type their phone number into the company search and bring up matching clients.

In fact, anything about a past job can be used to lookup a client:

  • Job addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Client Contacts
  • Invoice numbers
  • ABN Number

That's fantastic. Is there anything else I should know about looking up clients?

One more thing. If you have a clients ABN number handy and want to get their company name right first time - don't enter their company name, type their ABN number instead. ServiceM8 will lookup the company name from the Australian Government ABN database and type it automatically.


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