What are the top tips before designing your own template?

  1. Always start from an existing template design - this will save your hours of initial setup, especially if the template is already close to what you want
  2. Disable MS Word spell check, as any fields that you add to your template which become red underlined (spelt wrong) may stop working and need to be re-inserted into the document
  3. Simply renaming the field doesn't work, you need to right-click edit field to change the fields actual value
  4. Make small changes to the document, and then re-load into your ServiceM8 account to see the results. There is nothing worse then spending hours on a template only to find when you finish there is an error preventing it from loading and no way to tell which field is causing the issue. Also - save versions of your template as you go, so if something goes wrong you can revert to a previous copy.
  5. Use MS Word 2007 as much as possible - While other versions of MS Word can also produce DOCX files, because the template system is based on Word 2007 - margins have a tendency to shift slightly producing odd results.
  6. The template preview in Document Templates is only a fast preview, and as such may look like images / text have shifted from your design. The only way to confirm if this is the case is to open a job on the Dispatch Board and produce an invoice / quote PDF.

  7. Don't use tab's to indent fields as when the information goes onto multiple lines (eg. Customer address, Job descriptions, etc) - the tabs won't be applied and your information won't be indented correctly. Instead, adjust the document margins or place the information inside a borderless table.
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