Where can I find sample invoice/quote/work order templates to start from?

There are a number of standard template designs built into the system. To browse the available designs, go to the Settings > Document Templates .

Here's how:

Click Document Templates

Click Document Templates

From this page, you are able to select the type of template you wish to customize (Invoice/Quote/Work Order/etc), and then browse left and right through the sample templates using the arrow buttons.

If you find a template that suits your needs - great. Select the "Use this template" button and it will become your active template.

If you would like to use any sample template as the base for your custom template, to the right of the screen below you will see the option to download the sample template as a starting point for your own template. 

Note: Remember templates must be uploaded to the system in Microsoft Word 2007 format (DOCX file).

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