How can I mark a job as paid / invoiced?


First, the job status must be marked as completed, do this through the job dispatch board by opening the job. Once the job has been completed, it will be available on the invoicing page for approval.

This is done so that if you have accounting and scheduling roles in your business their tasks are easy to manage. Job can be checked for a final time on the invoicing screen, with materials / prices being adjusted.

If you've linked ServiceM8 with your MYOB Accounting software:

Click the Approve Invoice button to confirm the job is ready for invoicing. ServiceM8 will transfer the job information to myob and raise an invoice using your job #. Once the invoice has been raised in MYOB the job will display Invoice processed successfully, before disappearing the following day from your invoice page.

If you're manually raising invoices in your accounting software:

When you're manually raising invoices, the invoice page becomes your 'double-check' to ensure that you have not missed or forgotten to raise job's as invoices. Once you have confirmed that the details of the job are correct, raise the invoice in your accounting package, and confirm to ServiceM8 that this has been completed by typing in the Invoice Number allocated to this job. 

This can be used later if you need to chase up an invoice, simply type the invoice number into the Job Search box on the dispatch board, and immediately bring up the relevant job details.

Once you have processed an invoice manually, it will disappear from the invoicing page the following day - it's now your accounting packages responsibility to make sure you get paid.

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