How to take & save photos to a job

The camera can be accessed directly from the job card within ServiceM8.

Open a job

Tap the Camera icon inside the job card

Several photos can be taken in succession, and you can review them by tapping the thumbnail

Photos can be shared, tagged post or deleted directly from Review pane.

Tap the Tag icon to add 'before' and 'after' tags to photos

Or create a custom tags by tapping Add New Tag

Or, you can tap the microphone icon to activate audio photo-tagging

The microphone icon turns green when Voice tags is activated

Tap Save to return to the live camera view, and clearly say "Tag [tag name]" e.g. "Tag before job" and it will automatically apply the tag to all following photos taken.

Tip: You can use voice tagging with any phrase added to the tag list.

Saved photos will be saved to the Job Diary.

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