Staff security roles


This article will provide an overview of the security roles which can be assigned to staff to manage their access.

To view Security Roles, go to Settings > Security Roles

To view and edit Security Roles click Security Roles inside Settings

This section explains each default security role

This section explains each different default security

Business Owner

Business Owner

This role has no restrictions, it has access to every area of ServiceM8.


Finance Role

The Finance role is restricted from accessing reports and isn't permitted to remove jobs.


Staff Role

The Staff role has the same restrictions as the Finance role but also restricts access to settings.


Contractor Role

The Contractor role has the same restrictions as Staff and Finance roles but additionally restricts access to all jobs except jobs assigned or scheduled to them, restricts their access to clients, they cannot create new jobs and they cannot see other staff.

Strict Contractor

Strict Contractor Role

The Strict Contractor role has all the restrictions of the previous roles, but also disables the Job Diary and Billing areas on the app. This setting is required if you don't want the worker to see the business's pricing. The reason the diary has to be disabled is because invoices, emails and quotes are all stored there, so some functionality of ServiceM8 will be lost through use of this setting.

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