How to keep on top of jobs & scheduling


The 'Action Required' list is a business-wide list of jobs that require attention or action. This smart lists helps you stay in control, provide fast client communication, and ensure jobs progress efficiently and don't fall through the cracks.

You can find the Action Required list in the job list drop-down on the right-hand side of the Dispatch Board, online:


And in the Jobs view of the ServiceM8 app (in the Jobs tab, double-tap the 'Jobs' menu button in the bottom navigation bar, or tap 'Jobs' in the top-left corner). If you can't see the Action Required menu item here, tap 'Edit' to activate it:


A job will appear in the Action Required list when:

  • the job has no future booking, or it was booked to a team member in the past and hasn't been managed since e.g. they checked out and didn't re-schedule, queue or Complete the job; or
  • the job has expired from a Queue, and needs to be followed up; or
  • the job has an email or SMS reply from a client, which has not been responded to. Responding will clear it, or online, you can right-click the job in the Action Required list to dismiss it.

This means that any job that appears in the Action Required list needs your attention, and should be:

  • scheduled (or re-scheduled) with the client for the job to be completed; or
  • placed in a Queue if it's waiting for something to happen (e.g. waiting for parts, waiting for the client etc) or needs special action before it can be scheduled (e.g. order parts); or
  • updated to Completed or Unsuccessful; or
  • actioned with a reply if there is a message from the client which you haven't responded to. If it doesn't require a response, you can right-click the job in the Action Required list to dismiss it in the Online Dashboard.

Your goal should be to keep the Action Required list empty, as this means all jobs have either been scheduled, are being managed in a queue, or completed, and clients aren't waiting on a reply from you.

So, the Action Required list serves as a great 'to-do' list for keeping on top of your scheduling, completing jobs, following up clients regarding quotes, calling suppliers regarding part orders etc.

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