How to keep on top of job scheduling

The Unscheduled Jobs list is one of your options for viewing/filtering the jobs list on the right side of the Dispatch Board. The Unscheduled Jobs list will show all current jobs which are not in any job queues, and are not currently scheduled to a staff member.

This means that any job that appears in this list needs your attention, and should have one of the following actions applied to it:

  • Job should be scheduled with client for a date for work to be completed
  • Job should be placed in a Job Queue if it's waiting for something to happen (e.g. waiting for parts, waiting for client, etc)
  • Job is Completed or Unsuccessful and the job status should be changed accordingly

Your goal should be to keep the Unscheduled Jobs list empty, as this means all jobs have either been scheduled or placed in a queue with an expiry date. 

As bookings occur, or as jobs expire from queues, they will appear in your Unscheduled Jobs list ready for their next step. So, this screen becomes your to-do list for scheduling, calling clients regarding quotes, and calling suppliers regarding part orders etc.

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