How to create a job


This article will show you how to create a job as a Quote on the dispatch board for a completely new customer.

Start on the Dispatch Board

Start on the Dispatch Board

Click "New Job"

Click New Job

This is the Job Card

This is the Job Card

The job card is where all job information for a given job will be stored throughout the life of the job.

Job Card fields

Job Card fields
  1. Customer - This field is used to to search for existing clients and as the company title field.
  2. Purchase Order - This field stores purchase order number information.
  3. Job Status - Job status is basically the stage that the job is at either: Quote, Work Order, Completed or Unsuccessful.
  4. Job Category - This field allows you to organize your jobs in anyway you like.
  5. Job Address - This is where you put your customers address, ServiceM8 will attempt to auto correct this field.
  6. Description - This field is used to describe the job to be completed. Tip - put a dash before a requirement to create a checklist on the phone. Eg. "- Clean the gutters"
  7. Contacts - This is where you fill in the customers name and contact details.

Fill in the fields the click Save

Fill in the fields, click Save - and your done!
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