How to manage quotes & jobs on hold


In ServiceM8, job queues will help you manage pending quotes and jobs that are on hold for whatever reason.

Think of queues like folders on your desk. Jobs can be placed into a queue while they are waiting for something to happen (waiting on a part, waiting on a client, waiting on a site to be ready). Jobs that are placed in queues disappear from your standard job lists (Unscheduled jobs, In Progress, etc) to reduce day-to-day clutter in the Dispatch Board.

To put a job into a queue, simply drag the job onto the appropriate queue icon in the Dispatch Board (this can be done in the app as well). When you put jobs into a queue, you need to set an expiry date. When a job expires from a queue it will automatically pop back out of the queue and into your Unscheduled Jobs list again.

Any jobs that have been placed into a queue will have a yellow dot, and if you move your mouse over the yellow dot you can get more information about the queue and when the job will expire from it. At any time jobs can be moved to a different queue by dragging them to an alternate queue. For example, if a job is in a "Waiting for client" queue, it can be dragged to a "Waiting for parts" queue.

How do I remove a job from a queue?

If you would like to remove a job from its current queue without putting it in a new queue, simply right-click on the job in the job list and select remove from queue from the menu.

How do I remove a job from a queue?

 Can I create my own queues?

Yes you can, the three queues in new accounts are defaults provided to help get you started. You can add/remove queues to best suit the nature of your business . You can also set the default time a job should stay in a queue before expiring. 

To modify your queues, go to Settings > Job Queues.

 Can I create my own queues?
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