Understanding the franchise Enquiry History

NOTE: ServiceM8's Franchise Management module is being deactivated in 2022, and new franchisor accounts cannot be created. If you're looking for a job management solution for your franchisees, please review the core ServiceM8 product against your requirements.

This lesson explains about the different enquiry statuses and how you can search specific enquiry.

Click Enquiry History in the dashboad or tab menu to access it

This section provides you the enquiry history from all your franchisees.

Search Enquiry

You can type in keyword about the job request, customer name, contacts or address in the Search text box.

Using Filters

Use Filters to quickly find the list of marketing sources or enquiry current status or combination of both.

Enquiry Status

New: Enquiry has been received through the Online Booking form, but couldn't be automatically assigned to a franchisee.

Assigned: Enquiry has been assigned to a Franchisee and is waiting for the Franchisee to convert it from an Inbox message into a job.

Converted: Enquiry has been received by a Franchisee and converted into a job.

Closed: Enquiry has been closed by changing its status manually to "closed", or by closing it via the Call Center. Use this status for enquiries which cannot be converted to jobs (e.g. outside your service area, or customers requesting services you don't provide).

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