How to setup an online booking form that sends jobs to your franchisees

NOTE: ServiceM8's Franchise Management module is being deactivated in 2022, and new franchisor accounts cannot be created. If you're looking for a job management solution for your franchisees, please review the core ServiceM8 product against your requirements.

To be able to allocate job request to your franchisee through the online booking form then you must have Online Booking add-on enabled first.

Please refer to this article link that explains how you can activate and use the online booking form add-on.

Once the Online Booking add-on has been activated and configured then customers can now submit booking or job request through your online booking link.

When the enquiry is received from the online booking form it can be automatically routed to correct franchisee or manually allocated.

For Franchise Enterprise, enquiry will appear in the call center where you can manually choose an allocated franchisee, or close/delete the enquiry. Here's how you can access it:

From the Dashboard, click Call Center

In the Call Center booking management shows online booking enquiry.

Enabling the head office's online booking form add-on will direct booking request into the call center booking window or allocate to closest franchisee and goes directly to the ServiceM8 inbox of that account.

Note: You can change how the online booking be assigned to franchisee by going to Setting> Preferences> Enquiry Management.

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