Introduction to Call Centre

NOTE: ServiceM8's Franchise Management module is being deactivated in 2022, and new franchisor accounts cannot be created. If you're looking for a job management solution for your franchisees, please review the core ServiceM8 product against your requirements.

This lesson introduces you to the Call Center Booking Management interface and briefly explains its functions.

You can access the Call Center from the Dashboard or in the top menu tab.

The Call Center Booking Management window

It allows call centre staff manage incoming inquiry, send jobs to franchisee, can see franchisee’ jobs in real-time and communicate with franchisees.

1. New Call: Allows you to enter job request from phone calls. You can also create multiple job requests simultaneously.

2. Job Request List: All job requests that coverted from phone calls and from the head office's online booking will appear in this panel. Where you can assign the job to franchisee or decide to close it.

Online bookings will only appear in the call center window if the auto-allocation is unable to decide which franchise to allocate them to.

3. Customer Details: Complete the customer details and enter the billing address if it is different from the job address.

4. Contact Details: Enter the job/billing information.

5. Job Details: Enter the job request information.

6. Client Job History: Shows the customer's jobs assigned to your franchise account which you can also open or view the status here.

7. Allocation: Suggests and preview the nearest available franchise account or manually select from the drop-down list.

8. Close Enquiry: All closed enquires will move to Enquiry History tab.

9. Send Job: Assigns job to franchise account and it will appear in their inbox.

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