How to add a service region for a franchise

NOTE: ServiceM8's Franchise Management module is being deactivated in 2022, and new franchisor accounts cannot be created. If you're looking for a job management solution for your franchisees, please review the core ServiceM8 product against your requirements.

You can choose either Postcode or KML file to configure your service region. This is used for the auto-allocation system for Franchise.

KML Supports

ServiceM8 allows you to import your custom geographic data using KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file for a franchise location.

How to create KML

You can simply create a KML file in Google Earth app where you can define the location and download the its KML file.

For more information about KML documentation, please visit this link.

Importing KML file and adding Postcode

Go to Settings, click Franchises

You can search or select a franchise and click Edit to open it

Select Service Regions tab, then click Add Service Region

Here you can select region type for your franchise

Click Geographic Region to use KML data

Click Choose File

Browse the KML file from your computer and upload it.

Click Save and you're done.

Or select Post Code

Then enter the postcode for your service region and click Save

You can enter multiple postcodes separated by a space or a comma.

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