How to add a new franchise

NOTE: ServiceM8's Franchise Management module is being deactivated in 2022, and new franchisor accounts cannot be created. If you're looking for a job management solution for your franchisees, please review the core ServiceM8 product against your requirements.

This is a quick guide on how you can add a new franchise to your account.

Go to Settings, click Franchises

Click Add Franchise

Complete your franchise details and click Save Changes

Franchise Code: It gets prefixed to the job number so that you don't have duplicate job numbers in the head office.


Auto allocation: It allows the franchise to receive bookings automatically based on its assigned postcodes/geo-regions when an Online Booking is received in the head office.


Sub-Account: Adding a new franchise will automatically create a sub-account which you can log in to by clicking the Switch to account button in the list of franchises.

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